Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Bits of Oddness

Yesterday I had a few fun-odd things happened. First at work, one guy called in asking about his lease. I asked the standard questions, but come to find out he just singed his lease 2 days ago and was asking what he got into. Hum…I’m no expert when it comes to deals, but shouldn’t you read the contract before you sign it and ask questions before you sign it? Yeah…I thought that was common sense, but I could be wrong with some people.

Next, another customer called in about her bill. I advised he that that was a separate number and that they can pull up her number and give her the information that she needed. So I gave her the toll free number. Not more than 30 seconds later she called up and said that the number I gave her was a porn line. Well, she dialed 800 instead of 888 and she got a bit more than she bargained for. Need to say we had a good laugh.

But the oddest thing I saw was when I went out to Wal-Mart with a friend. Afterward we saw a Snowie Shack and decided to have a little treat. I turned and looked at my friend and noticed that she was blowing on her ice cold snow cone. I just looked at her oddly and she finally realized what she was doing. Needless to say I won’t let her live that one down.

Random Recommendation: Pick up a children’s joke book and share some laughs with your friends

Quirky Quote: Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. ~Victor Borge


Bertie said...

Those are funny! Thanks for the laugh- I love the blowing on the snocone!

orangemily said...

Too funny!