Monday, June 30, 2008

Beautiful Mystery in the Heavens

What I’m about to write might sound crazy and absurd, but it was something so remarkable I have to mention it.

Last night I had a BBQ with the folks and after cleaning up I decided to make a few phone calls and enjoy the outdoors in the almost perfect weather. While I was on the phone with April, the stars started to come out and I did some star gazing. Now, I know the heavens pretty well thanks to Astrology and my Astronomy classes, and I saw a bright star that I’ve never seen before. At first I thought it could be Venus, since that planet does move around a lot. But then this object darted quickly from one point to another and then suddenly stop. It did this two more times before I ran into the house to get the binoculars. Once I got the object in focus, I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. It looked like two circles filled outlined with lights (a smaller ring inside a larger ring). Then something wild happened. A bunch of streaming glittery lights came swirling off of one side. Not straight like a ray of light but zigzag swirly blue and white illuminations. The only thing I can compare the color to is like a comets tail, but again they were not straight.

Thinking I might be seeing things I went and got my father to check it out and he saw the same things. An object that had corkscrew lights beaming from it. After a few minutes that object was still there but the shimmering tails were gone.

I sat there for the next hour watching this thing move back and forth. Then just to make sure I wasn’t looney I decided to go get the biggest skeptic of all…my mom. I had her look at this thing. She didn’t want to see it, she was thinking I was looking at the Space Station, but once she looked in the binoculars I knew she saw something unexplainable.

I asked her to explain what she saw.
She said “Well, it looked like this” and then she started to cup her hands in a shape.
I asked “So explain that shape”.
She said “I don’t want to say it, but…(she hesitated big time) it looks like a saucer but on its side”.

For another hour I was outside watching this thing. I honestly do not know what it was. I’m not saying that it was a U.F.O., but I’m also not saying that it wasn't either. All I know is that it couldn’t be a satellite because satellites don’t zigzag like that and it couldn’t be a helicopter or plane because it was way too high in the sky. Maybe I’ve been watching too many Sci-Fi flicks and this was my active imagination, but how do you explain two others witnessing what I saw? All I know is that this mysterious object gave me two hours of cheap entertainment and a new way of thinking if we are alone in our small solar system.


orangemily said...

Very interesting!

Heather said...

That is interesting, I wonder how you might be able to find out more information. It would be hard to believe that you were the only ones to witness this object.