Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Been ABC Tagged

I got tagged by some people on another site and some from Blogger as well. Here is the ABC tag- so here we go:

A- Attached or Single? As single as a lost sock
B- Best Friend: My Mom
C- Cake or Pie: Cake
D- Day: Whatever the next day I have off of work is. This only happens about once in 3 or 4 months
E- Essential Item: A Watch
F- Favorite Color: Baby Blue
G- Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms
H-Home town: Kemmerer, Wyoming
I- Indulgences: Chocolate
J- January or July?: January
K- Kids: Unfortunately none :-(
L- Life is incomplete without: family, friends and pets
M- Marriage Date: again…I’m as single as they come.
N- Number of Siblings: one sister
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples (pink lady ones are preferred)
P- Phobias or Fears: Stairs without backs and climbing down ladders
Q- Quote: "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes". ~ Mahatma Gandhi
R- Reason to Smile: You learn something everyday
S- Season: Spring
T- Tag Three: I’m tagging anyone that is reading this and has a blog, because most of you need to update it, so here’s an excuse to do so.
U- Unknown Fact About Me: My first year of college I studied Opera
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Oppressor (as long as I don’t have to kill it or watch it being killed)
W- Worst Habit: My key OCD. I have to check and recheck before I get out of the car.
X- Rays or Ultrasounds: I never had a good experience with either of them.
Y- Your favorite food: Mama’s home cookin’
Z- Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (Western), Dragon (Chinese), Lizard (Aztec), Fig Tree (Celtic), Osiris (Egyptian), Owl (Native American), The Harvest in the Granary (South African), PonThe Salasa (Indonesian), Kat or the Seed (Mayan)


Emily & Dustin said...

I had no idea there were so many possible zodiac signs. I'm a Sagittarius too!! Where do you work? I can't believe you only get a few days off of work every month or so. Crazy!

Heather said...

It was very nice of you to tag anyone who read this. There should have been some sort of disclosure (j/k). I guess I have some work to do on my blog now.