Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Crazy-Fun Weekend

Besides the usual of work and ‘trying’ to get chores done, this weekend was filled with activity. On Saturday, I had to opportunity to go to downtown Salt Lake, something I don’t do too often but should. My friend Adell and I walked around Temple Square taking some great pictures, catching up and seeing how much downtown has changed since it’s under a major remodel. After walking and walking and more walking we took in a movie, “The Fall” (see my review). What an excellent show! I wish they’d do a nationwide release so that everyone can experience it. This is probably one of the best movies I've seen in years!

On Sunday, I got to see my friends Johnny and Emily bless their cute baby boy. I haven’t seen Johnny for so long, because he’s working and going to school in Utah County. I feel sorry that his family doesn’t get to see him much, but it’ll be a good thing once he is finished. Congratulations to the Tani family!

About 3 hours later, I headed out to the airport to pick up my father from his long trip to Tanzania. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks knowing if he really was doing so well there. Then he came home with this huge bite on his arm! It looked so painful and he said that it itches like crazy. He decided not to tell us that he got this bite the third day while there, because it would worry us. He then explained that the bug that got him, injects an acid with the bite, which caused the itching. Thanks for keeping that to yourself Pops! I then spent the next few hours talking to him about all his stories while he was there. I hope to get the stories typed up and on his blog. If you haven’t read the blog, go and check it out. There’s so much you can learn about this place and by the time you’re finished you’ll realize how lucky you have it in this world.

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orangemily said...

Hooray, your dad's home! Too bad about the bug bite!