Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Geekness ~ It’s Shining Big Time

So Saturday I let my geekness fly big time as I participated in the Dungeons and Dragons Game Day. I’ve only played this role playing game a handful of times, but I have a friend who is a big time DM, so he invited me and another friend to participate in a game that he was in charge of. First of all, he should have known better that if you invite me that the game will not start on time, because of my socializing. I have to get to know everyone at the game and lighten the air with a few wise cracks. We were playing for over 4 hours and we still didn’t finish the game, but I’m very proud of myself, I was the only character that didn’t get killed. I’ve come to realize why…I use strategy instead of force. Again, I’m not an experienced player, but I was constantly asking questions instead of going in head first fighting. This, I realize, would only lead to my demise. I give credit to all those horror and true crime books I read. They make one think.

Sunday I had a wonderful opportunity to have my first official movie review (see Passage to Zarahemla post). I made my review and sent it to the production company and to my surprise, the Director/Producer Chris Heimerdinger wrote a comment back. Even going to the lengths of saying that my review is the best yet. Go under the comments and see what he wrote for me. This made my day! Thinking that my opinion actually meant something to someone?!? I’ve always wanted to do movie reviews for a living, so who knows, maybe this is the start of something.

Random Recommendation: Smartfood popcorn for a healthy snack
Unfortunate Namesake: Sweet Medicine (this is an actually name of a person that I keyed mail for)

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orangemily said...

I like your movie reviews, that's awesome!
I'm glad you had fun playing D&D we went to Hastur on Saturday and were too late for participating.