Monday, March 26, 2012

So much fun this week on Fanboy Vs.! See what happens with the group makes up a TV show for the CW and Spike on the spot. Plus we review comics. Download and take a listen!
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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Every day on the news we hear about violence, hate and war.  To change this, it must start with us.  Gandhi said it best "Be the change you want to see in the world".  No matter if an individual is straight or gay, black, white, brown or yellow, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or Atheist, that person has the right to live a full life without hate.  Embrace who you are and embrace the difference of your fellow man.  For we are all a part of the human race and that race is to endure to the end with the fullest life we can live.


The Rescue Centre: Episode 1 - Family of Heroes

The FemBot (Aimee) and the FemCon (Nicole) of Moonbase 2 fame are starting up their own TV review show on Rescue Bots. Join us for our first installment of the Rescue Centre podcast!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EPISODE 57 – Daylight Savings Creates Brain Damage

The girls kinda get girly with a love that started from childhood...John Cusack. We have lots of fun news, jokes and intriguing questions. Plus a special bonus at the end where a small group tortures a man on Skype.



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Shouldn’t Be Fat…

I Shouldn’t Be Fat……but I am. It’s something I might as well get used to. For the past seven years I’ve been bouncing around from doctor to doctor onto specialists, health gurus, naturalists, fitness trainers and many other experts. Each one of them couldn’t figure out what has been wrong with me only to pass me off to another person to try to take care of me or accused me of cheating and lying. Needless to say the people who accuse me of cheating and lying never got any more money from me. Thousands and thousands of dollars later, I’m at the same place I was those many years ago – still fat and depressed just more in debt.

Seven years ago I was fit, healthy and loving life, but the something went wrong with my body. Within three months I had gained over 80 pounds. I was like watching a balloon slowly inflate. Then to top it off I gained another 20 pounds from depression. Yes, your math is correct. I gained 100+ pounds within a matter of a few weeks, less than 3 months to be exact…and people snark at me when I tell them I’m depressed.

Between all the doctors and specialists I was told the best way I could lose weight was to get gastric bypass surgery. I’m sorry, but I care for surgery if I honestly don’t need it and I know I can lose weight, I’ve done it before. Personally I don’t like doctor who sell surgery as a diet option either.

So the beginning of this year, I made a resolution that this would be the year of me, the year I look after myself. So the search for another expert started again. I found a clinic that sounds like it may be what I need. With several tests I’ve found out I have liver damage and a failed adrenal gland. What’s that mean? It means my body cannot process sugar as it’s supposed to. I’m processing more sugar than I’m even in-taking, hence why my body will not shed the weight. My new doctors say that it can be up to six to eight months of a strict diet that they put me on until I start to see my weight come off. Well, I’ve made it over five weeks now on a diet that basically is fruit, veggies and fish. No breads, pasta, pork, beef, grains, excess sodium…you know, all the yummy stuff. I’ve only lost four pounds since I began; most people would have dropped 20 – 30 pounds with this program but not me. It’s just so frustrating and I’ll admit it’s brought me to tears many times.

I know this is something I have to make it through. If I ever want to have children of my own (and I very much do) I have to pass this hurdle, because this is one of the reasons why I’ve been diagnosis with PCOS and other lovely womanly issues.

I’m hoping that I will be down to my weight on my driver’s license before the year end, before I have to renew it. Here’s to praying and much motivation to get me through this!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Unicorn City

Rated PG
100 minutes
Nicole’s Rating – A

Being a geek myself, this movie spoke to me. OK, maybe not just spoke to me, but related to me on a whole new level of geek. I’m a table top gamer (somewhat) myself so this movie was made for my kind. One of the best things about the movie experience is that the theater was filled with role players such as myself and everyone in there had a great time!

This is an independent movie that was made here in Utah and right now it does have a limited release for the state, but I KNOW this movie can make it big. It’s great fun for the whole family, even if you don’t know squat about D&D or L.A.R.Ping, you’ll have an enjoyable time with the characters. Most of the story is centered around Voss trying to get into a leadership position with both is gaming guild and for a job. Then there’s Marsha who tries to get Voss to fall in love with her, but getting their characters to fall for each other. There’s every type of mystical realm characters (elves, dwarves, bards, succubus, knights…etc) but the winner take all of the show was Clint Vanderlinden who played a role playing centaur. Every time he was on the screen you knew there was going to be something good coming.

The costumes were great! They were made a bit better than if your average role playing person would do, but the creativity on each costume was enjoyable. Again, a wagon carrying centaur…you can’t beat that!

The only thing I found wrong about the movie is very minor. The D&D game play was a bit too clean. I know every guild I’ve played with gets a bit more heated, but I understand that the company wants to make this a family film.

I know many people are reading this review and a probably gagging at the words “Independent Film”, “Family Film” and “Utah”, do not let these words make you think for one second that it’s too cutesy for you. I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard during a movie. Go and see it while you can and bring as many family and friends as possible. Then who knows…you may start your own guild.