Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mayan Astrology

I found some stuff on Mayan Astrology, and this is what it said about me:

Mayan Day Sign: KAT (The Seed)
Seed people are known as the performers. Fulfilling your sexual desires and being independent are the two things you crave for throughout your life. You set high standard goals for yourself and always make it a point to achieve it at any cost. Self-esteem is something which the Seed folks are very much concerned about. You are very much attached to your family and can go to any extreme in order to bring peace and happiness to your family. As individuals the Seed people are always successful in starting off new ventures, signing new contracts or entering into any new business deals. You love to work as social workers and public defenders and try to unite the whole community either through your hard work or by using the secret influences of somebody else. Courage and gratefulness are their characteristic traits which make these people simply outstanding.

Galactic Tone: 4
Number four represents the four elements of the universe - the fire, water, wind and earth. This is the most stable number among all the other day numbers. It represents the establishment of anything and lends shape to all creation in ways of length, height, width and breadth. Four persons are quite determined to reach their goals once they set it.

This is a lot like me. I'm very determined, independent and love to work with others.

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