Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Fall

The Fall
Rated ~ R

117 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: A+

I don’t think I’ve seen a movie this brilliant and exuberant in the past 10 years. Once in a blue moon a movie gets everything exactly right; from the writing, casting, score, costumes, direction, cinematography, blocking etc. and this was it.

Roy, young actor in early Hollywood (1920’s), has fallen off a bridge during a stunt act which lands him in the hospital. During his stay there, he meets up with Alexandria, a young girl who has also taken a bad fall from picking oranges in her family’s orchard. Roy tells her wild fantasies in exchange for her doing favors for him around the hospital, while he can’t get out of bed. The stories come to life in the mind of Alexandria and when they do, you mind is feed with an excellent story of five bandits out for the revenge of a man that has done them all wrong. I honestly cannot give this movie justice with my description; it’s something that you’ll have to visualize yourself so I’ll embed the trailer in this blog, so you can grasp the wonderful scenes.

The two main actors Catinca Untaru (Alexandria) and Lee Pace (Roy), pulled off amazing characterizations and the interaction between the two couldn't be any better.

I honestly and truly cannot figure out why this movie is rated R. It has one curse word (damn), no sexuality of any kind and the violence is even more mild than what can be seen on any night of the week on network television. The only think that can remotely make it –R- rated is the seriousness of the subject of death and suicide, but that should only make it PG-13. I wouldn’t mind anyone over the age of 12 seeing this, and I hope that everyone does eventually see it. Yes it is an independent film, but it has all the qualities of major motion picture, if not better. I would LOVE to see Hollywood produce films of this merit and I'm hoping to see this be an Oscar contender for next year.

Skip out on ‘Sex in the City’ and ‘Indiana Jones’, and go to see this.

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Anonymous said...

That looks GREAT. Thanks for the review, I'd never even heard of it before!