Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shop, Shop, Shop Away

This past week I’ve been shopping and spending money like I have it, when I really should be saving it. But a girl has to get out on a shopping spree once in awhile.

My A.I.D.S. phone completely died. So if you have called me or text me in the past 3 weeks and you haven’t heard from me, it’s not that I’m trying to ignore you (or maybe I am...hehe), it’s because my phone was out of commission. Now when I say A.I.D.S. phone, it doesn’t mean it was sick or that I’m making fun of the disease, I got the phone from a charity auction. The phone never did work really well, but the purchase went to A.I.D.S. research so I don’t feel too bad that I only got 4 months use out of it. Now I have a wonderful phone which has great quality and it’s also a MP3 player. So fun! I wasn’t planning on getting a phone with all the crazy features, I just wanted one that I could hear and talk on without having issues, so I ended up with an orange Nokia 5310. I highly recommend it.

Then last week I let my practical side go and the inner child take over. Yes the toys I’ve been waiting six months for finally hit the shelves – Transformers Animated. I picked up more than I expected as I found that most of the movie stuff was on sale. So I dove into my Camaro savings and ended up with seven toys, a chess set and two DVDs. Sadly enough I went to 9 different stores to find Starscream. Gotta have my favorite! Yes I know it’s sick that I’m a 30+ year old woman with the obsession of a 8 year old boy, but at least I know how to still have fun!

Helpful Tip: Have allergies? If you will find honey from around the area in which you reside you can avoid all outdoor allergies because the pollen in the honey builds up your immune system. It's a great old time remedy.

Quirky Quote: Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping. ~Bo Derek


Heather said...

That explains you not calling me back. You normally get back right away, I was somewhat confused.

orangemily said...

I like youre new orange phone!
And the enw toys look fun!!