Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Court and Cats

Yesterday was a busy one. At work, I spent a good portion of my day in a court trial. A weird kind of trial, but a trial none the less. At my job, we had an ex-employee file for unemployment after only being here for 7 weeks. He wants to get employment from us, but he also found himself in a tight spot as he was collecting unemployment when he was working here and may have to pay it back depending on the judge’s decision. The odd trial was done all over the phone. When my boss and I started the phone call, we didn’t realize that it was an official trail, we thought it was going to be a conference call. The ex-employee had a lawyer, we were sworn in, and I was used as a witness. We were left surprised, defending ourselves in the trial. Overall I think it went well, but we’ll see once the judge makes his decisions.

But last night, my wonderful mom took me to see the musical Cats. Surprisingly, being the musical theater fan I am, I’ve never seen this show. Kids got to go to the show early and get their faces painted and the actor interacted very well with the audience, running up and down the aisle. The play didn’t have much of a plot, but the music, costumes and acrobatics we’re amazing! A fun show for everyone. I’m so glad I finally got to see it.


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I just wanted to let you know that I watched "The Fall" today and totally loved it. I never would've known about it without your recommendation, so thank you! :) Great tip!