Monday, September 29, 2008

Cars, Cubicles and Park Benches…I’ll crash anywhere

Well it’s Monday again, but in my world it’s always Monday. My part time job at the post office is picking up a lot of extra work. Out of the 10 encoding centers in the nation, two were closed this month and another was affected by hurricane Ike, hence we get to pick up the slack. Well for my “part time” job, I worked 34 hours this week. That would be bad if I hadn’t already put in 40+ at the full time job and of course taking care of my very needy “friends” (aka…the emotional vampires). Most people look forward to Fridays and Saturdays, but I just dread it. In the 48 hours I work 28 of them. This weekend was extra bad as my work messed up my schedule big time. On Friday I worked until midnight and I had to start work the next day at 5:00am and to top it off I had not one but two people call me after midnight while I was trying to sleep in my car. People…why in the hell would you call anyone after midnight anyway if it wasn’t an emergency?!?

Total exhaustion would have hit me a few days ago if it weren’t for Red Bulls, Rockstars and caffeine pills. I know that it’s my choice to work more than one job, but after the last doctor visit and the lovely bill that came with it, the choice has become more of a need. I highly doubt there is anyone out there looking more forward to Thanksgiving than me. It’ll be my first day off in three months. Yeah for holidays!

Quirky Quote: Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. ~Fran Lebowitz


Debra said...

***BIG HUGS***

I know I complain about my job, but at least I get time each day to relax without having to think too much about it. Daays off are a Godsend.

Pinky Lovejoy said...

Um, why are you sleeping in your car? Hopefully just for a little catnap? Your schedule sounds awful. I wish there was something I could do to help!

UTSquishy said...

Emotional Vampires

BeatlesDiva said...

I've slept in my car because it's a 35 minute drive from my work to home. So I figured I'd sleep in my car and get an extra hour of sleep instead of at home in bed.