Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is It Really Good News?

I got my MRI test results back last night. Apparently they finished looking it over after 4 hours and have found that there’s nothing wrong with that area of my body. It’s in good shape. I’m very happy that there is nothing wrong, but I can’t understand why I am in pain. Onto the next specialist I suppose, or better yet, I’ll just take some pain relievers and save my time and money. ARGHH…health issues suck!

Anyway, enough of the complaining. I did have a good day once I found the movie that I believe is the best one this year, had come out on DVD yesterday...The Fall. I love it and highly suggest it to anyone that enjoyed The Princess Bride. There's only about a 20 second clip that a bit too artsy and weird but the other 115 minutes are wonderful. Again, like my previous review on the film, DO NOT go off the R rating. I watched it last night with Eve and she honestly could not give me any reason why this had the rating it did. There is nothing on here that even a 10 year old couldn't watch. I might have to make a movie night with everyone to come and watch it.


Pinky Lovejoy said...

I'm so sorry. That sucks! I've had to do a bunch of tests for my headaches before and it's so frustrating when they can't find anything wrong. It's like I almost want them to find something so I wouldn't feel crazy!

I'll definitely check out The Fall! Thanks for the tip. :)

orangemily said...

Good things there isn't anything seriously wrong with you, sucks about the pain though.
Oooh, now I want to see The Fall!