Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Funny Men at Thanksgiving Point

Last night I took my parents out for the 39th Wedding Anniversary and to celebrate I took them to see a couple of outstanding stand-up comics. Opening the show was Kermit Apio. He spoke about living in Hawaii and how some people in the U.S. think that's a foreign place, reminisced about Walkman and made fun of the Wendover tree.

The headliner was Brian Regan, who is probably one of the most brilliant funny men out there. He's very clean with his humor and spoke of thing most everyone can relate to, such as baseball umpires, watching Nova and telling stories of this childhood. Everyone was cracking up!

I had a great time at the show, but if anyone works for Thanksgiving Point, please tell them that they SERIOUSLY need help with their parking. Before the show, we ended up walking 35 minutes to get to the venue because of no parking. We had to go to a neighboring venue (us and about 400 other cars), just to find a place to squeeze our vehicle in. Then, Thanksgiving Point must not know what full capacity is. I'd say the over sold the show by about 800 people. We were there 45 minutes early and we ended up sitting in the very back. We really didn't see the show, but mostly listened to it.

Even with these issues, the show was remarkable. If you can catch either of these comic on stage, I highly recommend seeing them. I hoping they'll will return again next year.


Debra said...

I love Brian Regan. We wanted to see him perform when he was up here last, but we weren't able to make it. I keep hoping he'll return soon (and not on a day I can't make it).

orangemily said...

Holy cow Brian Regan is hilarious! I've never seen him live but we watched one of his DVD's with my family the day before Moira was born and I'm convinced that's what put me in to labor (because I was laughing so hard)!

And yes Thanksgiving Point has parking issues. I took Moira there for the Dinosaur Museum on Tuesday ($2 buck Tuesdays the month of Aug) and it was so crowded and crazy, it's like they don't know their max capacity (we had fun though).