Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Two Cents on Global Warming

This topic is nothing new, but I thought I’d just throw out a bit of my opinion on this. Do I think that humans are destroying the earth and need to clean up their acts? It’s a factor, but to me this is not the main cause.

Being one that loves to study Physics and Science, my main objective to why “Global Warming” is happening is something more than the cars we drive. What I believe is happening is a state of constant change the Earth is goes through. We may not see these changes because it takes hundreds and hundreds of years to notice and we’re at the end of this cycle, hence we’re starting to see the effects. What I’m talking about it the changing of the poles. A few thousand years ago, the magnetic poles where reversed and I believe that this process is happening again. That why we’re seeing extra hot and extreme cold temperatures. The kiddish way to think about it is the Earth is getting uncomfortable with how she’s positioned and needs to move, kind of like what we do in our sleep. OK, that was a bad analogy, but you get the picture.

Well, I could go on and on about this, but I hate to bore you more than I already have, but this is my two cents on the main effect of “Global Warming”.


orangemily said...

Global warming is nonsense, we piddly humans do not have that big of an impact on our beautiful earth. You're right, the earth does what it does and will keep on doing!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to hear more! I've never heard about it like that and I think you are on to something!!! Thanks for the phone calls! I will call you this week! I've been SOOO busy!