Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Batman vs. Superman

This has been an ongoing conversation at my work since The Dark Knight came out and I'm afraid that it'll never end. So never ending, that it has been brought up in interviews...well after the official interview is over with that is.

I am curious how my family and friends would vote, so I made a little poll off to the top of my blog about if the two were to get in a fight to the finish, who would win.. Go and vote and then (if you want) comment on who you voted for and why you think he would be the overall winner.

Let's Poll!


Debra said...

Batman does what he does not because of some bite he got that gave him some special abilities but because he has that drive. He works hard to give it all he has and has some great gadgets to help out along the way.

PoppaMonkey said...

That is all.... :-)

Heather said...

Batman is pretty amazing, however he is mortal. Superman has one weakness. I believe the only way Batman could win is if he knew of this weakness.