Friday, August 8, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth - 3D

Journey to the Center of the Earth - 3D
Rated PG
92 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: B+

I came out of watching this movie with the satisfaction of getting more that I expected. I was pleasantly surprised how much fun it truly was.

Professor Trevor Anderson, a volcanic scientist, has found some clues to his brother Max's disappearance and has his nephew join in this search. Max left some information about volcanic tunnels that he was exploring and they end up in a crazy adventure with extinct creatures and awesome landscapes.

Brendan Fraser plays his typical role of the fun loving hero. I’m not complaining, I love his roles and go to his movies expecting this. Josh Hutcherson played the role of his nephew and did a remarkable job with showing emotions and doing green screen acting. I don’t remember him in any previous roles, but I look forward seeing him make it big. But my favorite character was Hannah, played by Anita Briem. Smart, adventurous and loving, this girl has it all.

If I could add one thing to the film, it would be more background story of Max. You only get a tid-bit of who he was. As for the CGI effects, I can’t complain too much about them, because they were too help with the 3D effect. So whatever cheesy effects there were it worked for the film. Some of the 3D effects where so well done, I was jumping out of my seat. After seeing this in 3D, I can’t imagine seeing it any other way. If you can get me to jump out of my seat more than once, then Hollywood has done something correct.

I had a lot of fun watching this film! Go with a small group of friends, so that you can experience this together.

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