Monday, August 4, 2008

Mama Mia!

Mama Mia!
Rated PG-13
108 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: B-

This movie was lacking only one major thing and that was vocal auditions. The movie was filled with great actors that most anyone can recognize and that story line was a fun-filled one, but just because you have some great actors, it doesn’t make them great singers.

I knew I’d have fun watching the movie because I enjoy singing along to Abba and I personally love Meryl Streep, but again her singing ability was only sub-par. But she did outshine Pierce Brosnan when it comes to vocal talent. Each time he came on the screen, I wanted myself and the audience to sing louder to cover up the abomination of his singing. Thank goodness he’s good looking to make up for it.

Only a couple other minor items made this movie a little off. First the girl that played Sophie, was suppose to be 20 years old and getting married, but I could help but think she was only 14. She looked way to young for the part. And the other thing is the use of a blue screen backdrop made to look like the ocean. It looks as if most of the film was shot on location, which was gorgeous btw, but some scenes must have been redone in studio. It just took away from the scenery.

Overall, this film was a delight and there are some scenes (especially the last) I was busting up laughing. If you enjoy the music of Abba, you can go wrong with this sing-a-long movie.


orangemily said...

Yet another movie I want to see! You have all the fun!

Emily and Dustin said...

I agree that the singing wasn't the best in the movie, which really disappointed me. The three men especially butchered the beloved ABBA tunes. Overall, it was entertaining and sometimes you just have to take a movie for what it is meant to be - entertainment.