Friday, August 29, 2008

Death Race

Death Race
Rated R
90 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: C

The Running Man for present day brings loud action scenes, senseless violence and many witty lines, but that’s what I was in mood for and it delivered.

*~* WARNING: May Contain Spoilers *~*

Set up in the near future, the economy is totally destroyed, crime rates are at an all time high and the nation’s prison system is set up on private corporations. Jason Statham, another Hollywood hottie I’m a sucker for (I think it’s the accent), plays a man who is set up for murder from a Corporate Prison warden, all for the glory of television and the all mighty dollar. To get his release papers he has to win the death race which is on-road race set up like a video game; picking up armor and ammo on the street by flashing markers and the goal of being the first over the finish line, as well as coming in alive. Jensen (Jason Statham), finds out that most men that are in prison have been set up all for this race and he also find out the true murder of his wife is bringing an uncontrollable rage inside him.

Yeah, this movie didn’t have a truly deep plot, but it was still good for the entertainment that I was wanting at the time. There’s a lot of action, eye-candy for both men and women and fast cars, something that is good for non-thinking, just go out and have a good time night. There are some really great shots and camera angles in the movie, but there are also a lot of fast paced camera movements that can make a motion sickness person extremely ill, but they did it for the purpose of making you feel that you were on the race track with them.

This movie isn’t a bad one watching with a group of friends on weekend, but it’s not needed to see it on the large screen. If you can cope with some gore and harsh language (there’s no sex scenes btw) and you enjoyed Fast and Furious movies, you’ll have a good time watching this.

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Leisa Dreps said...

This is a movie which has good blow-by-blow car chases. Ah well, the somewhat shallow plot wouldn't do much damage if you're in for all the action and all that stuff. Just don't forget to drive safely after watching this movie.