Monday, October 20, 2008


My dear friend Celeste tagged me this time. I love these tagged games, I learn so much about others and maybe y'all will learn a little something about me as well.

3 Joys
* Free Time
* Freedom of choice
* A good conversation

3 Fears
* Drowning - I've experienced this twice in my life and that is not the way I want to go out.
* Stair without backs - You know the ones that you find at apartment buildings
* Dying alone

3 Obsessions
* Being on time - I can't stand being late for anything
* The Beatles (there's a shocker I'm sure)
* Trying to save up money for my future dream car (This isn't easy lately with those damn doctor bills coming in)

3 Surprising Facts
* My first major in college was music with an emphasis in Opera
* I wake myself up as soon as I notice I'm dreaming. This is to combat the violent nightmares I have.
* I cry when I get very tired, not that I'm sad, but because my eyes sting.

8 Things I'm Passionate About
* Finding new places to travel to (even if it's only in my imagination)
* Keeping in touch with friends old and new.
* Helping others. I have a thing for helping out people in need (this has come to bit me in the butt a couple times lately though)
* Reading - even though I hardly have time to do this anymore, I still enjoy it when I can get a good book in.
* Music - I love listening to it, playing it and in my past even composing.
* Learning about others - I love hearing what people believe and why. Religion, politics, their passions and hobbies. I just like knowing what makes other people tick.
* Studying - Give me the time and I'll go all at it learning something new. It may be a new recipe or even some new revolution in Physics.
* Genealogy - When I have the time, I love to do research on my ancestors

8 Words or Phrases I Often Say
* Team Xerox, how can I help you (if you can't tell, that's what I've gotta say at work)
* Sweet!
* Your mom!
* What the hell?!
* I'm off to go to work. See ya whenever.
* Derby! (that's an inside joke)
* What were they thinking?
* Oy vie!

8 Things I Want to do Before I die
* Have children
* Go to my top 10 travel destinations. Bora Bora being the #1.
* Get a degree that's worth having
* Do a shark dive with great whites
* Get to my goal weight
* Go to all 7 continents
* Be totally debt free
* Save someone's life

8 Things I Pray For
* Getting over this damn depression and feeling happy for myself
* People who are injured and/or emotionally suffering
* Lately it's to help guide me with politics
* Family and Friends
* Soldiers
* Guidance in my decisions for my future
* Finding the right doctors
* To wake up refreshed so that I can deal with the day.

8 Things I've Learned
* Always say "I love you" to people you care about, when you depart or when hanging up the phone. It may be your last chance.
* Give when you can, even if it's only a small amount.
* You can go back home. Things may have changed, but it's still home.
* There's joy in the smallest of things
* Always be honest, because the truth will come out eventually.
* Trust in your religious beliefs, no matter what those beliefs maybe. If it teaches you to become a better person, you will become that better person.
* Music can calm the ravaged beast or even help with your own inner emotions
* You can find true happiness through a child's laugh.

Here are my eight tags:
hum...some people I haven't seen blog lately
~ Bob Bateman
~ Cami Richards
~ Heather Tintle
~ James Hofheins
~ Jenn Lake
~ Lori Compton
~ Rob Church
~ Tricia Hansen

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