Friday, October 17, 2008

Tagged Again *~* A-Z About Me

I got tagged by a co-worker for this one. I doubt anyone cares to read these tagged games, but I enjoy them. They definitely help out in passing the time.

Depends on who's asking

B] - Birthday?
Yes, I have one every year. BTW - it's December 14

C] Camera?
Samsung 8.5 pixel

D] - Drink you had last?
Red Bull - Currently I need this for surviving the long hours

E] - Easiest people to talk to?
My parents

F]-Favorite color?
Baby Blue

G] - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?
It doesn't matter the shape, gummies are just good stuff

H] - Hometown?
Kemmerer, Wyoming

I] - Favorite ice cream?
I'm not a ice cream fan, but I do get cravings for Phish Food once in awhile.

J] - Just something you and your friends always say?

K] - Kissed someone in the past week?
Does giving little kids kisses on the check count?!?

L] - Limeade or lemonade?
Lemonade, preferable pink lemonade

M] - Money or Love?
I could use money more than love right now.

N] - Number of Siblings?
One sister

O] - Outgoing?
Maybe a bit too outgoing

P] - Person you last commented?
Jillaire - She's a co-worker that's just too cute for words.

Q] - Quitting any bad habits?
Trying to, but being successful at it is a different story.

R] - Reason you smile?
To hide the laugh lines

S] - Song you last heard?
Roxanne by The Police (it was on the radio)

T] - Time you woke up today?
6:00 AM...well, that's when the alarm went off, I was too awake for it though

U] - U doing anything today?
Working 16 hours...yeah, so fun

V] - Vegetables?
I enjoy the ones I want to enjoy :-P

W] - Worst habit?
Spacing off

X] - X-rays?
I've got a few in my life

Y] - Your favorite food?
Have you seen me or hung out with me for more than a day?!? You know I'm not picky when it comes to food.

Z] -Zodiac sign?
Sagittarius - the live wires and the most playful of the zodiac...that's me!

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