Monday, October 13, 2008

Crane Watch 2008

Yes, it’s the time of year again, where I spend any free time outside watching for the devil birds to come and eat my fish. Many of the birds are migrating and they know my pond is loaded with fish. This year is making me extra stressed because I finally bought some expensive Koi. I know it sounds funny, but I love my fish! I can’t stand to think of them being attacked by these birds. Saturday within just a half hour, there was a woodpecker (who loves waking me up in the middle of the night as well), egrets and 4 foot sandhill crane. The woodpecker and the egrets didn’t return but that damn crane just kept on circling our area. I was out there for two hours making sure it didn’t return, but anytime I turned my back he landed. ARGHHH! I haven't seen the big crane that's landed the last two years. That bird is 5 foot tall with a two foot beak and a 10 foot wing span...yeah, and I admit, it scares me. Well, thank goodness for this time of year, scarecrows are out in the store. I might just have to get a few to encircle the pond.

I’m welcome to any suggestions on how to keep these birds out of the pond. I will not hurt them, because 1st I’m not like that and 2nd two of the species are on the endangered list. But if anyone wants to bird watch for a few hours and make sure they don’t get the fish, you’re more than welcomed to come over.


orangemily said...

I love fish ponds and when I had one I loved my fish too so I can completely understand what you are feeling. I never had to worry about cranes though. Good luck!

Debra said...

When we were house-hunting, we went to this house that had a really goregous pond outside. They had netting over the top of the pond to keep out the birds. Maybe something like that might help. I don't know.