Saturday, May 3, 2008

Iron Man

Iron Man
Rated PG – 13
126 minutes
Nicole’s Rating: A

My first movie review on this blog! This movie is the start of my favorite movie season, and with my favorite shows ending their seasons, look for plenty more reviews coming. Just to let you know, I can be bit of a stickler when it comes to reviewing movies. After many film and acting classes, I tend to tear movies apart, but I try not to. These are my reviews, you can take it or leave as you please, but I also would love to hear your opinions on the films as well.

May contain spoilers

I’m love action movies: kung-fu, true crime, super hero and everything in between. As far as super hero flicks go, this is one of the better ones. It had the main components as any Marvel comic-book movie. The hero with a past who wants to change; the woman he is around the most, he does love, but he doesn't know he’s in love with her, but everyone else knows he is; the older man mentor; and an evil rival that was at one point one of the closest people in his life.

Robert Downey Jr. plays his typical role of an alcoholic, womanizing smart-ass, but it works for this role. He brought out some humorous scenes that I don’t think another actor could pull off, due to his real-life history. Gwyneth Paltrow did a great job as his hard working assistant who has to pull off many of the difficult situations that Iron Man is put in. At first when I heard that Gwyneth was put into this role, I didn’t see it, but this Oscar winner did a great job. Jeff Bridges plays his part well, but he gives it away who he really is too soon in show. But the scene stealers came to the robots that Tony Starks uses to create and test the suit out with. Who knew these objects could make you want to see more of them?!

The special effects overall were good, there were some scenes that could use some touch ups.
*~* Gwyneth’s hair color seems to change randomly in the movie
*~* Why do they have to destroy classic sports cars?!?
*~* There are some war/violence scenes that were a bit emotional and young children could have problems with it.
*~* Product placements could have been done a bit more discreetly. I swear Marvel and Burger King have some kind of side dealing going on. Every Marvel movie has major advertising it.
*~* Many scenes reminded me of either Batman or Transformers. There's many moves and fight sequences looked too familiar.
*~* The ending leaves you hanging, so you know there’s going to be one or two more sequels in the future. This movie could have been a stand alone film, but good ol' Hollywood made it to make you wanting to spend your $10 again in two years.

With this being said, I enjoyed it overall, and most likely will see it again in the future. But for all of you that have not seen it yet, you MUST wait until the very end of the credits to see a two minute clip. This will change the ending of the movie for you and all you comic-book geeks out there will be happy to see what is being revealed!


orangemily said...

I'll read your review after I've seen the movie (I can't do spoilers).
But I will say Rich saw it Sat night with a friend and really liked it! It was the first Marvel movie he's liked since X2.

Emily & Dustin said...

Thanks for the review. We'll have to check it out!