Sunday, May 4, 2008

Animal Observations

After a long weekend of work, I decided to take a couple hours to myself and head off to one of my favorite places, The Living Planet Aquarium. I love being around the water and its creatures, even if they are behind glass. There were new displays and new relaxing music. So relaxing I spent a half hour alone watching the jellyfish alone. At first I felt kind of foolish going there alone, but it all change once I noticed there wasn’t many people around and I got to pet the stingrays without being pushed around by others. Sure they feel like squishy mushrooms, but it was good relaxation therapy. The animals seemed very relaxed and I was able to get some great pictures. I finally realized how much tension I’ve put on myself lately when I about feel asleep during the feature movie there. I guess I should find a bit more “me time” in my weekly schedule.

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby, an event that I look forward to every year. I think the reason why I love the horse races so much is that it’s the first pro-sport event I remember. My parents took me to see the horse races when I was four. My dad turned to me and told me to pick out my favorite, so I picked out the one I thought had the prettiest outfit (give me a break…I was four). Well, he put $2 down on him and the horse actually won. What a fun memory! Unfortunately, yesterday’s event took a turn for the worst. As I was watching the pre-show commentary of the Kentucky Derby, I overheard that there was only one Philly in the race, Eight Belles, so it was natural of me to route for the young gal. Well, the race finished and she came in 2nd! She then collapsed on the next turn after the finish. Vets examined her and found two compound fractures in both front legs and major heart strain. Eight Belles was then euthanized on the track, after 10 minutes after the race started. I couldn’t help but cry, but you know how I am…a major sucker for animals.
If you have a pet, go give them a hug and realize how precious they can be, for they might not be here tomorrow.
Random Recommendation: Donate to Humane Society and save a life of a furry friend.
Random Fact: I currently have 300 goldfish.

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orangemily said...

Moira loves the aquarium! We have a pss for the next year of you ever want company (not during your "me time" of course). You got some good pictures.
That's a cool memory of the Kentucky Derby.