Monday, May 5, 2008

Howling and Cartoons

Today after a hellish day of work, I came home to my precious pooch Abbey greeting me. This isn’t anything unusual but before I got inside, I could hear her hollowing. Not barking up a storm like she usually does, but actually hollowing like a Basset hound and even more strange, sounding like one as well. I have never heard her make a sound like that before. I got to admit I was highly amused by it. This old dog had learned a new trick!

I also got the opportunity for a professional cartoonist to do a specialty drawing for me. I was one of ten that won a contest to do a TF Animated style of the Transformer of my choice. Yeah, I know I’m making myself sound like a bigger geek than usual with that reference, but I think it turned out great. My two favorite characters are already in the Animated series, so I chose the first TF action figure I got...
It’s Beachcomber from the G1 series!

Odd Fact: You can cure canker sores by using your earwax.
Random Recommendation: Relax by feeding the ducks and geese at your local park.


Tiffy said...

I don't mean to focus on one tiny part of this posting... but

GROSS!!!! Why would ANYONE put earwax in their mouth!!! : )

orangemily said...

Oooh, I like the Beachcomber!

The Whitney's said...

That's an interesting fact! Ryan has one right now... I don't know how he'll feel about putting earwax into his mouth, but we'll see if he'll give it a try, lol!