Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Season of Giving

Most of you know that I have a deep love for animals and I donate monthly to the American Humane, which not only helps animals in need but children as well. If you find it in your hearts this season to give to a charity, here is one I highly suggest. Here is one of the many stories that shows where you're donations go to.

Left to Die in a Ditch
A man in Tennessee was heading back to his car after a day of fishing when he heard whimpers coming from a muddy ditch in the woods. A small, terrified beagle was trapped. She had been brutally shot and was desperately trying to pull herself up the steep wall of the ditch, her back legs dragging uselessly behind her.

The fisherman took pity on the little dog and brought her home. She spent three days living beneath the man’s parked car, clinging to life. When he realized the beagle wasn’t going to recuperate on her own, the man contacted a local animal rescue group. One of the group’s workers arrived and was amazed when the traumatized dog emerged -- in terrible pain, but so grateful for help she covered the worker with “kisses” as only a dog can.

Was Emma a ‘Lost Cause’?
The brave little beagle, named Emma by the shelter workers, still had a long way to go. Two gunshots had left both of her hind legs paralyzed. She had also lost control of her bladder and bowels. How would the shelter afford Emma’s vet bills and scooter -- a special dog wheelchair designed to help her get around with ease -- on its shoestring budget?

That’s when American Humane stepped in. Thanks to American Humane through donors, they have provided vital support through the
Second Chance Fund to help cover Emma’s medical expenses and ready her for adoption.

Incredibly, Emma found a new home with a “forever mom” named Sheila, whose sweet disposition matched Emma’s. Sheila consulted with a canine rehabilitation center, brought Emma to physical therapy twice a week and even converted her own pool to a water therapy center for Emma. This spirited, fun-loving little dog -- expected to never get around without her scooter again -- is now able to walk a mile every day on her own!

Please give what you can to bring hope and success to other children and animals looking for a second chance, who still have tremendous love to share with new families.

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