Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote For None?

This weekend while at work, I was listening to a podcast called Common Sense with Dan Carlin and he said some things that struck me, as if he was talking just to me. I've already voted for this year's election, but I struggled to make my decision on the Presidential and V.P. choice. So when it came down to it I literally flipped a coin. McCain was heads and Obama was tails. I will not reveal the outcome though. In this podcast, he mentioned that we put another choice on the ballot. The choice "None of the Above".

Listen to the first half of the podcast (about 20 minutes) where he speaks of this new idea. It's very informative.

Click here to listen:

PS - it may take a minute or two to load.


orangemily said...

Interesting idea!

Anonymous said...

The problem with "none of the above" is most people don't take an interest in politics at a grass roots level and only come out for the big day. If they were involved early on in the process they would be able to have a little more say in who gets on the ballot sheet. There is still the option to spoilt your vote... which is one of many, many reasons why I don’t like electronic voting.

But the real problem with the US system is it’s a plutocracy.