Monday, July 14, 2008

Vista Ate My iPod

Sunday night while on my computer, I got one of those lovely notices that my computer has some updates to be installed. This was a big update, because I have the P.o.S. Vista program, so there are constant updates. So after all the installs and rebooting, I do what I do every night when going to bed; I plug in my iPod to charge it and updated each night. I woke up this morning, ejected my iPod and noticed that all my programs where gone! No music, movies, audio books…nothing! Just an orange bar that said “other”. Double checking everything, my entertainment was gone, capute, seized to exist.

I honestly wouldn’t mind having to restore my stuff, but I can not save everything on my computer, because the memory on my iPod is larger than my home computer. So needless to say I’ll probably spend the next week or two downloading. Arggghhhh!

What I lost:
13,786 songs
23 Audio books
53 Movies
243 TV Shows
312 Podcasts

Quirky Quote:
The most overlooked advantage to owning a computer is that if they foul up, there's no law against whacking them around a little. ~Eric Porterfield


orangemily said...

Holy cow, that sucks!

Debra said...

Woah. That really sucks. I know that I had run across issues where the iPod would try to automatically update and sync with whatever was (or wasn't, for that matter) on my iTunes at the moment, but it looks like the Apple folks have created a way around that mess. Bummer about this mess. :(

Emily & Dustin said...

That sucks! I guess we know what you'll be doing over the weekend!

Pinky Lovejoy said...

Yikes! That's awful! I hate when stuff like that happens and reminds you how much you start to rely on little pieces of electronics. Egads!