Monday, July 28, 2008

Abbygail Photos

I know I may be a bit too sentimental about my dog, but it's definitely taking some time to get used not having her around. Last night with the huge rain storm we had, I felt like it didn't enjoy it as much because she wasn't around to cuddle with. Plus, the wind kept on opening and closing her old doggy door, a noise that I just became so accustomed to.

Well, I was going through old photos this week and found tons of my baby girl. I used to take pictures of her when I only had one or two more in a roll of film. Remember those days of film?!


Pinky Lovejoy said...

She was a really beautiful dog (and I'm not a dog person, so that says a lot). I'm so sorry for your loss.

orangemily said...

Cute pictures!
We used to take a ton of pictures of our dog before Moira came around.