Friday, April 25, 2008

My Stars

It’s been awhile since I wrote in my blog, because I really didn’t have much to report. So in lieu of my writer’s block, I thought I’d write about my Astrological signs. I got involved with Astrology back in High School when I was assigned to do horoscopes for the newspaper. Let me just say, I do not live my life by Astrology, but that I find this as something fun to do, a hobby and great as a conversation piece at parties.

Most people are familiar with Western and Chinese Astrology, but there are so many more cultures that participated in this practice. So, here’s a brief description of what I have found so far on myself.

I was born on Tuesday December 14, 1976 at 1:38 A.M.
At the Longitude of 76 Degrees 46 minutes East
And the Latitude of 9 Degrees 40 minutes North
(aka Kemmerer, Wyoming)
This is how the planets were aligned on that day.

And this is what the stars have to say about me:

Western Astrology ~ Sagittarius
Sagittarius has a dignified, restless nature, a drive towards the exploration of ideas, and a conscious aim involved with the attainment of wisdom through experience.

Chinese Astrology ~ The Dragon
Dragons exists to be flamboyant and exceptional. Dragons expect respect when talking and Dragons like action when they give command. Dragons are ready to take on any challenge, go off on a conquest of power, and tear down any obstacle. If by chance a Dragon fails, they will never admit to being vanquished and will find in this a new will conquer. Dragons like to see life as a big adventure and can't stand it when those around them lack ambition.

Aztec Astrology - The Lizard
Lizards are true individuals. They compromise only under extreme pressure, and then resent it if you have to. Lizards often attract attention by being different, but this action often meets their "performance needs. They are passive stalkers who work in full public view. Lizards are quick to react to opportunities and make contacts with the right people and this allows them to move upward socially without offending many people.

Celtic Astrology ~ The Fig Tree
Very strong, a bit self-willed, independent, does not allow contradiction or arguments, loves life, it's family, children and animals, a bit of a social butterfly, good sense of humor, like idleness and laziness, and of practical talent and intelligence.

Egyptian Astrology ~ Osiris
The character of Osiris is dual and the personality generous. Fiery but, vulnerable, when faced with adversity, they waiver more than others, and they experience the dilemma of picking the right moment for action and decision.

Native American Astrology ~ The Owl
Personality: Jovial, warm hearted, adventurous, independent.
Feelings: Warm
Intention: Objectivity
Nature: Sincere
Positive Traits: Versatile, adaptable, and saupulous.
Negative Traits: Restless, tactless and boisterous
Sex-drive: Adventurous
Compatibilities: Falcons and Salmons
Conscious Aim: Understanding
Subconscious Desire: Determination
Must Cultivate: Concentration, optimism, and enthusiasm.
Must Avoid: Over indulgence, exaggeration and greed.

South African Astrology ~ The Harvest in the Granary
A full, sober and reassuring figure, the image associated with this sign represents high huts of beaten earth, heavily laden from the ground to the roof with baskets of maize, sorghum and millet. This symbol of abundance brings together the dynamics that produce a spirit of grandeur. The environment of those of you born under this sign favors action. Your ability to attract attention and solitude is enviable, but the happy predestination that affects your life is a snare. Inclined to believe yourselves favored by fate and to feel protected by the care shown to you by others, you may not take full advantage of opportunities for success. "The Harvest in the Granary" natives are ultimately trailblazers who create their own destiny. When in love, exert caution! Your vanity may trap you into believing that you are on earth to make others love you. Learn to be quiet. Develop your undeniable faculties of serenity and sincerity. Your generosity and sense of loyalty accentuate the quality of your initiatives, in the joy of acting at the right moment, your energy will be reflected by wisdom. To prepare for success you will have to show proof of firmness yet leniency, knowing how to put an abrupt end to bad liaisons. Put more trust in you intuitions.

Indonesian Day Sign: PonThe Salasa
Pon folks are well-known for their strong, firm and determined personality. You respect the sentiments and emotions of others and it is because of this respect that you show for others brings back the same respect and adorability from others for you. Selasa Pon people are however too stubborn and it seems that the word compromise does not exist in their dictionary. Try and be a little soft and polite to others. It is because of your head strong and stubborn nature that very often you fall into troubles and quarrels with your friends, family members, co-workers and others. But as workers you folks are quite loyal and devoted.

9 Star Ki Astrology (Feng Shui)
Numbers ~ 6 4 7
Direction ~ West
Your Principal Number: 6 which reflects your overall nature:
Number six people are known for their punctuality and efficiency. They are sharp tongued people with a very strong will power. Being ruled over by this particular number, you practical minded and quite logical in your outlook towards life. For these individuals, nothing is more important than their strong ethical values and ideals. Others perceive you as the 'man of word'. A noble person, these folks are the most loyal of all the other numbers and it is because of their code of conduct and ethical values that they excel as leaders of any organization. As far as your relationships with others are concerned, you may face a bit difficulty in this field.

Your Character Number: 4 which reflects your personality.
Number Four people are quite practical, stubborn and are also vulnerable as far as love affairs are concerned. Personality of the number four folks is difficult to understand; they are ever changing and dynamic individuals. Ruled over by this number, you people are good listeners yet indecisive by nature. You are strict followers of the traditional ideals set by your ancestors. Apart from this, you possess high concentration powers and this particular characteristic trait of yours makes you great experts of any subject.

Your Energetic Number: 7 which reflects the inner person of you as perceived by others.
Number seven people are charming, sociable and know the ways of enjoying life to the fullest. They are excellent speakers. Being ruled over by this particular number, number 7 natives are fun loving and jovial by nature. They enjoy talking to people and it is their inborn charisma and expressive nature, which attracts people towards them. They love to wear nicely designed dresses and also have a knack for fashionable accessories. You love to enjoy all kinds of luxury and comforts that life has to offer. Number seven people lack the art of housekeeping.

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