Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Wanderings

Most people get excited when Friday comes along, not me. It’s the beginning of a time crunch, trying to get every aspect I can in. Besides working 26 hours in a 48 hour time frame, the weekend was filled up with many ups and downs.

First of all, for entertainment and my inner geek, Transformers Animated started off their 2nd season. Yes, I’m a huge Transformers fan and this series is the best since G1. I highly suggest it to every one of all ages. Most people that enjoyed the G1 series in the 80’s will recognize a lot of similarities that the show is giving.
Then I had the opportunity to have yet another bridal shower at my home, unfortunately that meant having to miss out on another friend’s baby shower. I hope you got spoiled Colleen. I love having parties for friends and celebrating their joyous milestones in their life, but then afterward I have a feeling of depression as I wonder if my opportunity has past to start a family of my own.

After the party, my pooch had a little mishap of her own. She’s an older dog (she’ll be 15 next month) and she’s having a hard time with seeing. Well, with all the pruning and mowing in the back yard she got lost in all the trimmings. Getting stuck and pinched, her hair was filled with stickers, branches and leaves so imbedded in her; we had to give her a horrible, horrible hair cut. Poor girl :-( She can’t get into the groomers until later this week so she’ll have this freaky look for a few more days.

Then I got to celebrate a birthday for my oldest friend April. We have now known each other for over 21 years. Man time flies! Well, somehow her present ended up in the garbage (still wrapped in plastic though). I did not notice that I could find her present until meeting up with her within the next hour. Having to rummage around in the trash, with the lawn trimmings, the necklace was finally found. We got to meet up with another great gal, Mary and partied it up at MacCool’s. Hope your birthday was a good one April!

As for today, after a long day of work, I decided to take a time out for myself and relax. I got to get out for awhile…took a drive and my camera. I am honestly very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. There are so many diverse places here. The small drive was great therapy, getting ready for another crazy filled week. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend as well!

"Two Temples" by Nicole D. Hale
Jordan River Temple (LDS Temple) and Sri Ganesha (Hindu Temple)


Anonymous said...

Hey Nay,
I did have the best birthday. Thanks so much for being there. I'm glad we met so long ago and have been able to keep such a strong bond. I loved your pic of the temple. It's good that your are taking time for yourself you need to do it more often. Love Ya!

Laurie said...

That last picture is incredible! What a clever photographer you are; that looks like a postcard! I would totally buy that.

Emily & Dustin said...

I love the picture of the Jordan River Temple. That's where Dustin and I got married! :)

Daisy Paige said...

Yay you have a blog! It will so much easier to keep tabs on you now. ;)

That picture of the two temples is really neat. I love it.

michelle cook said...

Hey Nicole
Cool Pic! That is right by my moms house. In fact you might have been right on the lane where her house is taking the pic.