Tuesday, April 15, 2008


First I’ll start with one of my addictions. eBay…I honestly need eBay therapy. Just this past week alone I’ve made so many bids I can’t remember all the things I tried to win. Thank goodness I lost most of them, but then for the ones I won, I end up wondering do I honestly need this?! With my sick obsession with the Beatles, Transformers, books and jewelry, eBay is my crack house. My eBay addiction hit a peak when I went to work for them. People would call in for help and the help I would give them, was purchasing the items that they needed help listing. Lately, I’m doing so much shopping, that I’m transferring funds from my Camaro fund into my PayPal account. OUCH! I’m trying to slowly wean myself off of it by telling my self I don’t need any more Beatles memorabilia or TF toys because I have no place to put them; jewelry is always nice but I rarely get to wear it and as for books…well, I’ve made myself a deal once I read the four that are currently sitting on my shelf, I can buy one at a time. Reading is a passion I can not and will not give up, but I can cut it back.

As for another addiction, this goes out to one of my co-workers who shall remain nameless at this point. This person is someone I care about, and they know who there are, this message is for you. We know that you have a meth problem. You may think that you are hiding it well, but you are not. Missing work, sores on your face and the jitters are not a good way for covering up this addiction but more like a cry for help, so let us help. I never understood the thrill of drugs, but I know what addiction is and how hard it can be to break it. Think it over and let’s talk. We can work things out.

If anyone else out there is needing help over-coming an addiction, I’m here to help, even if it’s only to listen.


Bertie said...

I hear ya on the ebay addiction! i had to break that a LONG time ago, and then there was linkup, and now there is blogging! So- I guess I have only REPLACED the addiction with something else... hmmmm??

orangemily said...

Good luck on breaking addictions!