Friday, February 27, 2009

Have I Missed Out?

People ask me a lot why I work so much. My answer…so I don’t have time to think about what I’ve missed out in life. When I’m constantly working I feel productive and useful, it’s when I actually have free time that I get down and depressed with life.

Well, it’s one of those slow, unproductive moments here at work and I have too much time to think. I’ve been thinking about just the little things that people have said to me in the past few weeks and I feel like I have missed out on some major happening in life. Here’s a few thing that were mentioned:

~ Just two days ago the lady in front of me (while in line at the store) said to the clerk that her boy better get married soon because once someone turns 28, their chances of getting married and having a family is slim to none.

~ A friend of mine said to me and a group of people that to have a kid over the age of 30 isn’t fair to the kid because older people just can’t handle the energy of children.

~ I’ve been told that I shouldn’t have any debt because I don’t have a family.

~ Someone mentioned to me that my jobs are pointless and that anyone can do them and that I should try to make an effort to do more.

Maybe that last statement is true…heck maybe all of them are. I’ve put effort in careers and school and they have landed me jobs that have been good for the time being, but LIFE happens. Unfortunately my life hasn’t been what I want it to be. I’ve had goals since I was 12 that I’ve been working on. A couple of those goals have been to be married and have children, but life hasn’t dealt me that hand. So have I missed out? According to the majority of people I know, I have. I’m only 32, how can my life be over and have no meaning? Honestly people, I’m not giving up on life just because I work. I work so I don’t give up on life.


Emily and Dustin said...

Ah! I can't believe people said things like that to you. Shame on them! First of all, the comment about older people (if 30s can seriously be considered "old") having kids, that's ridiculous! Using that logic, those same people would be in favor of teenage pregnancy, right? Because teenagers are young, therefore have more energy. I'm 28 and just became a mom and I can't imagine having kids at any other time in my life.

Second, the comment about your jobs not being "good" enough. That's just plain bull. The bottom line is having a job is hard, and there are tons of people that don't work because they don't want to. Those are the people that should be putting more of an effort in their life. You are taking care of yourself and however you go about doing that is good in my eyes.

Overall, I just don't think you should think twice about what these people have said (and that includes this comment...haha). The only thing that matters is what you think. If you're content and happy with your life, then that's great. Sure, if you have things you want to happen like get married and have children, that is great, but there's no set timetable for it. It'll happen when the time is right. There's no rule that says the cut off for marriage is at age 28. It can happen at any time!

Roberta said...

My dear Beatle's Fan, have you ever heard this quote?
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
-John Lennon
You haven't missed out! Have you ever stopped to think of all those who may be feeling a little slighted who haven't done all that you have done?
You're going to have to just ignore people who talk without thinking. From where I stand, and see all that you have done, I must say--- NO!! You most certainly have NOT missed out!
Sheesh, I haven't been to the Olympics nor have I met any of the famous people you have. I've never been traveling as you have. Some may say that the things you have done ARE the major things in life.
Just keep living your life and have fun. Let it all happen in due time.

Julie said...

All I can say is you're an amazing young lady and I wouldn't change a thing about your life. You're gorgeous, fun, and have wonderful friends--outside of being gorgeous, the other things are what really matters--gorgeous is just an extra plus! ;)

orangemily said...

I'm glad you don't give up!
Rich's incredibly cute, funny and awesome aunt didn't get married until 35 and she now has 2 cute little kids (and they certainly aren't missing out by having two "older" parents).
Just make sure you take the time you need for yourself!

Jason Eldredge said...

Here's to "slim to none"! Viva la vida!

Anonymous said...

I can't even belive ANYONE would say those things. I'm upset and shocked. You are an amazing and beautiful person. YOu have done more in your life than most and if anything, you have been there for others more in your life than most. YOu are hands down the most giving, unselfish person that I know. YOu will get it all and then some tenfold just cause you're you! I love you Nicole!

PoppaMonkey said...

Ya know, it's interesting that people have that idea about having kids over 30.

My oldest son's GOAL is to wait till after 30 to even worry about dating seriously. His thinking is that he'll enjoy life while he has the energy and youth to do things, and travel, and see the world. Then kids and career in his 30's - 50's and he'll be ready for grandkids in his 60's

So... I guess it's just a different perspective.

I have no advice to give or warm comforting things to say, cuz they're mostly trite and repetative anyway. :-)

Just know I luv ya!

Anonymous said...

people who tell you these things are full of crap. Anywhere outside of Utah, we are still in our prime. Utah is just weird that way, and it drives me nuts because here you do feel that there is something wrong with you, I know I do sometimes. As for people thinking your jobs aren't "good enough," who are they to say that. You have a job. You are not leeching the system. I think that is admirable. You know I think you are a wonderful person. Us "old fogies" have to stick together. :)

Rachel Lee