Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Guilt…I Haz It

I’m so sick of feeling guilty for anything I do for myself. I feel like I’m constantly putting off making myself happy if someone else is suffering. Now I’ve only had two days off this year (and one of them was for a funeral) and we get a total of 10 vacation days and 5 sick days. If we don’t use them we lose them. Just today I put in a vacation request at work for three days off next week and my boss came up to me and said “It’s kind of short notice don’t you think”?

Oh great! Now I’m feeling guilty…AGAIN! If people are so dependent on me, why am I bored most of the time?!?

Quirky Quote: Emotion turning back on itself, and not leading on to thought or action, is the element of madness. ~John Sterling


orangemily said...

Do Not Feel Guilty!!
You earned that vacation and you should use ALL of it!
Besides if you're just going to feel guilty about then you might as well take ALL your days now and get the guilt over with. ; )

Jason Eldredge said...

Seriously, take your days off. You've earned them. Take the time off and enjoy it.

Debra said...

HE needs to mind his own business! YOU need a vacation! YOU EARNED it. Do it!