Monday, March 5, 2012

Unicorn City

Rated PG
100 minutes
Nicole’s Rating – A

Being a geek myself, this movie spoke to me. OK, maybe not just spoke to me, but related to me on a whole new level of geek. I’m a table top gamer (somewhat) myself so this movie was made for my kind. One of the best things about the movie experience is that the theater was filled with role players such as myself and everyone in there had a great time!

This is an independent movie that was made here in Utah and right now it does have a limited release for the state, but I KNOW this movie can make it big. It’s great fun for the whole family, even if you don’t know squat about D&D or L.A.R.Ping, you’ll have an enjoyable time with the characters. Most of the story is centered around Voss trying to get into a leadership position with both is gaming guild and for a job. Then there’s Marsha who tries to get Voss to fall in love with her, but getting their characters to fall for each other. There’s every type of mystical realm characters (elves, dwarves, bards, succubus, knights…etc) but the winner take all of the show was Clint Vanderlinden who played a role playing centaur. Every time he was on the screen you knew there was going to be something good coming.

The costumes were great! They were made a bit better than if your average role playing person would do, but the creativity on each costume was enjoyable. Again, a wagon carrying centaur…you can’t beat that!

The only thing I found wrong about the movie is very minor. The D&D game play was a bit too clean. I know every guild I’ve played with gets a bit more heated, but I understand that the company wants to make this a family film.

I know many people are reading this review and a probably gagging at the words “Independent Film”, “Family Film” and “Utah”, do not let these words make you think for one second that it’s too cutesy for you. I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed so hard during a movie. Go and see it while you can and bring as many family and friends as possible. Then who knows…you may start your own guild.

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