Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Artist

The Artist
Rated PG-13
100 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: A-

I’ve been wanting to see this show since I saw the trailer to it months ago. Finally after it won for ‘Best Picture’ at this year’s Academy Awards, I had to get out and see it. And I must say for a silent movie, it’s got more going for it than most action packed films out today!

Each performer did a remarkable job. Jean Dujardin, who played the lead of George and Bérénice Bejo who played the main female lead, have made their ways into Hollywood. Even thought it was a small role, John Goodman made a great presence on the screen. It’s good to see him back! But I have to give big loves to Uggie, a dog who played just as much as an important role as the human actors. This little guy just jumps into your heart from the first moment you see him!

The music…oh the music was great! It was the true voice of the show. I made me want to go back to the 1920’s a see a real silent film with a live orchestra.

I can see why it was nominated for best picture. Personally, I don’t think it should have won because this is the type of movie that will not appeal to a larger audience. Even right now for a domestic gross, it’s only brought in $32 million. I’m sure many more will go out and see it now that there’s big hype around it and I do hope that is the case.

This film is a true work of art with its wonderful storyline, great cinema-photography angle, lighting and shading and just over all direction. I’m sure this movie will be the next ‘Citizen Cain’ for students who are going into film because of all the excellent elements. Overall, if you a fan of old movies this is must see, but if you’re one that has to live in the now, I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant nap.

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Pinky Lovejoy said...

I loved it - especially Uggie! As much as I wanted Clooney to win, it was pretty amazing how much Jean communicated by not speaking. Kudos to him. And Berenice was completely mesmerizing!