Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Rated R
117 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: A-

Finally, a movie that Nicholas Cage doesn’t totally annoy me in! I have to admit, this was one action movie that I wasn’t really wanting to see. When people told me the storyline, it sounded like nerdy children in costumes, who cussed a lot and were needing attention. Boy was I wrong! Yes, it had the nerd gets the girl storyline, but it also had a fairly in-depth superhero tale. Yeah, yeah there were some fairly predictable parts and you’ll see it coming if you’ve seen more than two comic book hero movies, but there were a couple of areas I was not expecting.

The casting was nearly perfect and overall the chemistry of the players was spot on, despite some cheesy lines with googly teenagers. The one issue I had with the movie was some of the unfinished CGI effects at the end of the movie. That could have used a little tweaking or better yet, maybe a different plot device.

In the end, I had a lot of fun watching this show and it’s one that I can imagine watching a few times over and not get bored.

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orangemily said...

I like it when the nerd gets the girl!