Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Rated R
96 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: D+

A law marshal who is stationed out in Antarctica, called out on an investigation of a dead body that’s several hundred miles away in the middle of the cold desert. This happens only days before she retires from law. This dead body leads to a murder investigation and brings out a serial killer in the icy tundra. Yeah my description is bland, but trust me …it was better than the show.

Carrie played by Kate Beckinsale
She’s the only main character in this film and honestly, any unknown actress could have played it better. Carrie is supposed to be this super tough cop that going through many hard times with her previous jobs in Miami. She rarely broke out of her monotone drone of a character except for the first time the killer is after her. I somewhat believed she was scared. Then when she found out who the bad guy was, she barely flinched in surprise. Well, I guess I can’t blame her, because I figured out who the bad guy was from the beginning. Dear Kate, give up on the action films and just stick with the cheesy chick flicks you were born to play in.

The setting: Antarctica just before winter, the coldest and darkest place on Earth at this time. I think the film makers forgot about these two aspects. Yes it was dark some of the time, but it seemed like it was too convenient at some points when they needed day light it was there.

The costumes were great for the most part, except if you’re in -65 degree weather, wouldn’t you want to cover up your face? Yeah, here are characters are bundled to the 9’s in the thermal and fur, but most of their faces are not covered besides goggles. The only smart one of the 200 scientists and researchers down in the cold was the serial killer covering every part of his flesh.

CGI and Special Effects
I’ve seen better effects and green screen work from my local weatherman. The graphics were so poorly done it made it feel cartoonish at times.


+ The ending credits
Not because I was grateful that the show was over but the best landscaping and scenery shots were done here. The views of the sun on the ice and colors were great. They really needed more of this in the movie.

- The typical story line
The story about a busted cop, with trials from previous jobs runs away to someplace small and within only a few days of retiring finds the biggest job of their career. I’ve seen this plot too many times.

+ Soundtrack
The best player in the film was the music. I think it was the main reason this movie kept me somewhat interested in it.

- Long dragged out scenes
This movie is only 96 minutes long and it could have been done with 50 or 60. There are scenes that just take too long to get to the point. For example, Carrie is taking a shower, but don’t get to excited boys nothing is shown. Nothing but 3 minutes of her washing her hair and a steamed up bathroom.

This movie was far from original. There is no plot line I haven’t seen that was in this movie before. I think it was rated “R” for being RIDICULOUS. If it wasn’t for the two senior citizen men sitting behind me making funny comments, kind of like the Muppets Statler & Waldorf, throughout the film, I think I might have fallen asleep. Catch this movie when it comes on Lifetime, because Lifetime likes this kind of crap of a distressed woman with a man out to kill her.

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orangemily said...

Not that I wanted to see this, but you definitely confirmed my suspicions.