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G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra
Rated: PG-13
118 Minutes
Nicole's Rating: B-

The U.S. Army is in charge of transporting an elite weapon to another location. During the transportation, they are attacked by several men of Cobra. During this battle, the two sides are interrupted by the secret ops, G.I. Joe. The Joes being the heroes end up winning this fight and recruiting a couple more soldiers to their team, those members come to known as Duke and Ripcord. Well, Cobra isn't happy that their scheme was foiled by G.I. Joe and the battle begins.



Duke - played by Channing Tatum
Duke is the cover boy for G.I. Joe, when you see cartoons or play with toys; you're going to see Duke's face, so his role is a very important one. Unfortunately Mr. Tatum couldn't pull off the complete character. What do I mean by complete? He did a great job during the military scenes for the most part, but when there was suppose to be true drama, romance or comedy, he was dull and uncharacteristic.

Baroness - played by
Sienna Miller
This is the character that made me view this film. Growing up Baroness was cold-hearted and ruthless, the type of character that you like to see on film. Overall Baroness was true to her 1980's until the end where she remembers her romantic past with Duke. Then she because like the rest of the Joes...fully of unrememberable personality.

Ripcord - played by
Marlon Wayans
Out of all the G.I. Joes, Ripcord was the only one that I can say had a rememberable role. In all honestly, Marlon Wayans did a great job. Ripcord was filled with puns and jokes and yet can play the hero as well.

The Doctor/Cobra Commander - played by
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
OK, when I first heard that the scrawny boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun was playing the evil Cobra Commander, I literally laughed out loud. This kid is nothing like what I knew Cobra Commander to be like! And frankly, it's the main reason why I did not want to go see this show. Boy was I wrong! He did this part wonderfully and in my opinion the best character in the movie. Yeah, he overacted in many of the parts, but if you think about it, that's what the Commander, was like in the cartoons and comic...over dramatic. Plus, the poor guy did 90% of the role with most of his faced covered up, so he had to use dramatics so you can see all the emotion coming at you with only one eye.

I first want to start off with the score. The score was just as a major part as any of the characters in the movie and it stayed true. Great sound enough to get you into the action but also not to distract what was going on.

If there is one thing I'd like to change about this movie is the costumes. Well, mostly on the G.I. Joes. I would have rather seen more traditional uniforms that the latex, super suits that everyone was sporting. As for the makeup department, they could have spent just a few more minutes getting the texture, locations of the prosthetics and the shading more accurate. During the movie you can see Dukes scar beneath his eye change color, shape and size, as well as Storm Shadow's open wounds at the end, they were a bit too bright and "fleshy". And the one thing that probably most people didn't notice was Scarlett's hair roots. Sometimes it takes more than one dye job during the production of a film. Blonde roots came through a few times.

The CGI aspect...I have a love/hate relationship with the CGI in this film. For a $160 million dollar production the CGI was just ok, it looked to fake at times. But then again, the fakeness worked at times. It made me feel like I was back watching the 80's cartoon and comics, so in a way it really didn't break the film.

But what could hurt the film was the shaky cam. One more aspect that Hollywood should get over. I don't mind the hand held shaky cam once in awhile, but when someone is talking and I'm looking at a knee or chest, it doesn't sit well with me. Especially if it's not the body part of the person talking.

Hi - Low
+ The flashbacks

I enjoyed seeing the back stories of the characters, I just wish there was more of an extended story of the Ninjas.

- Matrix Moves
ARghh...Hollywood, please stop with this! Especially when it has no true meaning to the part of the film. Such as lining up and walking slowly so you can see the handy-dandy suits. No more Matrix Slow Mo!

+ Red/Blue fighting
When the first Joe/Cobra encounter happens in the forest, firepower is exchanged and the good guys are hitting with "red power" and the bad guys "blue power", just like the old cartoons. I just thought this was a great homage to the good ol' days.

- Eye Kills
If you want to survive this movie just cover your eyes. It seems like the way to die, was getting stuck in the eye.

+ Ninjas and Robotic Fish
I don't need to explain this, those are just cool.

- Blatant advertising
Norton Anti-Virus, Hummer, CNN and Cisco Systems were the major supporters of this film and it’s not hard to pick them out. Honestly, don't you think that a super-duper ultra secret military operation uses Norton?! I'm sure they have their own security system. As for Hummer, ughhh again. These vehicles are great, don't get me wrong, but they are not indestructible and I'm pretty sure they get their paint scratched, but not according to this movie. You can should bullet holes and blow it up and it'll still look pretty.

+ Use of Color
The colors used for this film made if feel like you just stepped into the pages of a comic book. Bright and bold during the action scenes and the right shade of darkness for Team Cobra.

- The Love Story
Don't get me wrong, I love a good love story, if it fits. This love story didn't though. I felt like it was pushed in the plot just to get a few things across. Plus, I honestly didn't feel a true attraction between Duke and the Baroness.

+ Cobra Burns
When The Doctor makes up his army of Neo-Vipers he injects them with Nanomites right behind the ear. If you look carefully, you'll notice they're in the shape of the Cobra emblem. A very nice touch.

- The Biggest Negative
NO LADY JAYE! My favorite character growing up, the character I wanted to be was left out of the film. So sad, but maybe in the sequel...and yes you know, there will be a sequel, this is Hollywood after all.

Overall I enjoyed this movie; I thought it was filled with "dumb fun". I went into this film thinking I was going to hate every moment of it, I rarely heard a good thing about it. Maybe it was this low expectation going into the film that made me coming out feeling satisfied. I think most people can enjoy this flick if they go in thinking of what the old shows were like.

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