Sunday, September 6, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer
Rated PG-13
95 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: A

A story about a love, but this is no love story. It says this at the start of the film and it hold true. Summer is a woman who doesn’t believe in love, but Tom falls in love with her. This is a story that tells about their relationship. How they met, the ups and downs, the humorous funs times and even the tragic times. The film is set up in a non-chronological order of these 500 days and opens up at day 488 which shows our couple sitting on a bench holding hands and the first thing you notice is Summer’s engagement ring. They look so happy! Then the movie rewinds back to day one, when they met.

Tom Hansen played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Tom is your typical mid-20’s man. He’s been to school and studied an area that he had passion for, architecture, but just like life he isn’t using his talent in his field but working for a greeting card company, this is where he meets and falls for Summer. Tom’s character does go through a lot of emotions, but if you’re a guy that’s ever dated a girl, you know these feelings. The feelings of love at first sight, to loving her even to the point where he wants to just slap her for some of the odd and obscure “girly stuff” that Summer does to him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays this part to a “T”, a complete 160 from his role as Cobra Commander.

Summer Finn played by
Zooey Deschanel
If you seen Zooey in other roles you know she has an unforgettable look about her, but she does play the same type of character. A laid-back but yet quirky girl that doesn’t feel quite right in her own skin. This part isn’t much different, but it was the part needed to play Summer. Summer loves to play the “fishing game” with Tom. What do I mean by fishing game? She makes him get closer and closer to him and then she throws him back into the water, just to do it again. A character that you have a love/hate relationship with.

Because this is a movie house film not much was done with CGI, special effects, wardrobe or make up. At time I think this is what actors will wear and look like in real life. But the thing that was great about this show was the filming itself. There are artistic angles and creative transitions from scene to scene, even a few times of split screens. It reminded me a lot of the style used in Citizen Kane and Ed Wood. This filming style is what makes you feel like you’re a part of the movie, not as a main character but as a fly on the wall watching some of the most personal parts of people’s lives.

Hi – Low
+ Ringo Starr Reference
Throughout the movie there is a reference to Ringo. At one point in the film Tom dresses up similar to the Beatles mop-top days with the suit, skinny tie and boots. Me being a Beatles fan loves this!

- The Paceing
For a summer film the pacing of this movie was a bit slow, but not enough that it makes you want to look at your watch. Even though it was slow at times, you still were entertained by what was going on on the screen.

+ The Day Title
Each sceen starts off with a title screen of what day it is in their relationship and you can see what kind of day it’s going to be by the art of the screen. It all is set up to look like summer day outside, but we all know that summer days can be bright, foggy, rainy or just plain miserable.

- Secondary Characters
I love Tom’s friends and I wish they would have used them more as well as seeing any of Summer’s friends. I know the story isn’t about their friends, but they all seem to have an interesting back story as well.

I encourage anyone that has been in a relationship for longer than 3 months to go this movie. You will find a similar situation that Tom is going through and be dragged into the emotion of this film. This isn’t your typical summer blockbuster film, with loud explosions and a plot that may not go anywhere, there is a true meaning to this film, one I can’t tell you or it’ll ruin the revelation. Men, this is a romance film made for you, the women will enjoy this film but I think that men will enjoy it more.

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