Monday, July 9, 2012

A New #1 Comic Review - Planetoid

Written/Art/Lettering by Ken Garing
Image Comics


I, like any good geek, love a good sci-fi story and this one delivers even for a first issue.  Having no choice but to land on a planet, Silas is learning how to survive the hard way on a planet that isn’t so friendly.  Filled with nasty smells, toxins, unkind weather and robotic creatures with attitudes, I’m surprise he made it out of this first issue.  

Silas is lucky enough to be equipped with an artificial intelligence program named Ricter (similar to Iron Man’s Jarvis) that guides him along the “safer” ways.  I love this program!  Where can I get one?

Silas has a secret past that is doesn’t give much info about…yet.  He does find that he is not alone on this planet.  Mendel is an older gentleman with knowledge that can help Silas, but Silas has to pay with his story of his past life.

Will Mendel help Silas get off this forbidden planet or will is this the end of the road for our antihero?  This story is loaded with adventure and great story telling!  If you’re into sci-fi quests, this is one to look into.  Plus, you have the same man as the writer and artist, so you know this is how the story is suppose to look and feel.  Issue two comes out this week.

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