Monday, December 6, 2010

All About Me, in 50 Days or More - Day 10

Day 10: A letter to a person who has caused you pain
Dear ____,
I leave your name out because I don't care to let people know who you are, but they should know the story of us. I loved you more than I loved anyone else, in the end it was all a lie that you were playing. I was willing to give up everything for you, I was even at the point of packing up my things and moving for you. I was only but short putting my boxes in my car and headed out, until you called me and told me the truth. The truth that you just got married that week, leaving me and yet another girl broken hearted. How is it you can play not only me but three women at the same time?!?

You were good with your games and tales, making yourself out to be the perfect man and in my eyes you were. You were everything I wanted in a man and in the end, it was all a mirage. It's been a few years since I've even heard from you, but I find it hard still to forgive you. I did learn many lessons from our experience together, but unfortunately it's also given me a hard head in trust any other men that come into my life.

I hope you're happy with the decisions you've made in life and I pray that you're wife knows the true you so she won't end up broken like myself.
You're Ex


Debra said...

Wow. What kind of person would do something like this? I firmly believe in karma... if he hasn't gotten his yet, he will. Sounds like you are lucky to have learned about this "mirage" when you did before you moved or became any more committed!

Hero_UK said...

What a rotter!