Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who Say’s I Can’t Claim the Title of “Mom”?!

Mothers Day’s just passed and I hope all mommies everywhere got to celebrate their special day. Looking back just on the past week alone, I realize I can claim the title of Mom. I may have not given birth or official adopted some individuals, but I treat and help raise these adults as would any mom would.

There as a few people in my life, who are fairly close to my age that I claim as my kids (or should). I pick them up to and from work and activities, I go to support their performances and games, check on where they will be for the rest of the day, handed out allowances, I’ve even packed a few lunches, then if I have time I go and visited a friend in the hospital. I’ve actually been to see them more than their real family, all of this in a week’s time.

Then of course there are my puppies, who I do claim as my children, and I beg to differ to anyone that they are not kids. I have to disipline them, bath them, entertain them, make sure they get to bed the same time every night, I take them to the doctors and make sure they have a happy life. Plus, I'm sure I spend more money and time with them than some other mothers do with their own kids.

As much as I love helping others, this week I felt the stress of motherhood like no other, as my muscles are so tense that I can barely move my head back and forth. To all my friends who claim the title of “Motherhood” I salute you!