Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation
Rated PG-13
114 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: D+
(spoiler alert)

This was one movie that I had to see this summer, I even made it to the midnight showing so that no one could spoil it for me. I wish I would have been spoiled, maybe whoever was telling me the story could have made it more interesting than the P.O.S. displayed on the screen.

The movie begins in the year 2018 when the war with the machines is full fledged and humanity is losing the war and everything depends on our hero John Connor. Just like all the previous Terminator movies we're introduced to YET another bigger, badder, more advanced Terminator who is out to destroy John because he is 21st century Jesus apparently. I wish there was more plot to give, but that's basically it. Machines vs. Humans and everything being blown up.

As for the casting, Christan Bale plays our main man John Connor, but most of the time I forgot since he still thinks he was playing Batman. And yes he uses the groggily, gurglely Batman voice. Christan, it didn't work for Batman and it doesn't work for this film! Most characters are forgettable, even John's wife. Why they even put this character in the movie I have no idea?! The only character that was remotely enjoyable was the part of Star. The best part about this character, she doesn't say one word in the entire film.

The cinematography was beyond horrible. If you didn't like the shaky cam look of Cloverfield or Blair Witch Project, you'll hate this. It's basically the whole look of the movie, along with extreme close ups of the actors, so you basically have to sit there and guess what in the world is going on around them. Next the make-up was too unbelievable. Our heroine has been battling for hours against the machines, has been blown up and has fallen from towers, but yet she still had her shiny lip gloss on.

If there was a cheese factor scale of 5, this movie was a 6. There were soooooo many bad cliches and one liners from the previous films it just added onto the gag factor. Yes it worked for Star Trek, but here it was just plain pathetic.

Warning MAJOR spoiler: There was only one part of this movie that didn't make me give it a lower rating than "D+" and that was a small 3 minute cameo of the Govenator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I was utterly bored through most of this film! The only way I would recommend it is if it came on late at night on TNT when there's nothing else on but infomercials.


Debra said...

Have you been watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles by any chance?

Dirtius Maximus said...

The first sign of trouble for this movie was when they picked McG as director. Ugh. I'll probably wait and rent the DVD. I'll see Night at the Museum 2 instead.

BeatlesDiva said...

I have watched the Sarah Connor Chron. when I could. I liked the series from what I've seen. That's anonther thing I should have mentioned...if you haven't seen the show or the other movies, I think a person would be lost and confused. There's no bad story.

Just to let you know how bad this movies was, I liked T3 better.

BeatlesDiva said...

I think you have a great idea. I'm actually excited to go see Night at the Musemum 2, most because I want to see Hank Azaria. Even if that movie sucks, it can not be as bad as Terminator Salvation.

orangemily said...

Man, I had high hopes for this. Especially being the first Terminator not rated R (hence I'd be willing to see it).