Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Star Trek

Star Trek
Rated PG-13
126 Minutes
Nicole’s Rating: A

What a way to start off the summer movie season! Action, humor, emotional conflicts and a bit of romance this movie has what the average movie go-er wants.

The movie takes us back to the time when Captain Kirk and Spock we’re young men learning the ways of the Federation, so your typical prequel. If you are a Star Trek, (you most likely have seen this film already) you’ll realize that the story line of Kirk’s father and past has changed a bit, but it works out perfectly for the film.

When I first heard about who was play Kirk and Spock, I was very skeptical of the choices, but after seeing the film every bad though I had changed. The casting of this movie was almost perfect. And by saying almost I only had an issue with one character that that was Amanda Grayson (Kirk’s mother) played by Winona Ryder. She acted liked like she just got the script that day and she looked like she was reading queue-cards off to the side. Thank goodness she has a very minor part. I don’t think I could take too much of her poor performance.

The only other major issue I had is the same one I have with most movies that rely on CGI and that is the continuity of size. At one point in the movie, the space pod from the Enterprise was the same size of the Enterprise, but I’m sure most people will not notice it, because of the intense moments at that time. One more thing that I thought could have been added to the movie is the deleted scenes I read about. Yes, it would have made the movie longer, but many questions would have been answered, such as why the Romuln ship looked the way it did.

Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, I highly recommend this movie. It’s one that I know I could see over again in the theater and have just as good of time as I did the first time around.

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orangemily said...

We loooved this movie! Richard could have sat through it again straight away.
I was wondering why the Romulin ship looked so strange, I'm curious to find out.