Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to the Eighties - Inside the Eighties Studio #1: Hailstorm

Many thanks to Glenn for giving me the opportunity to do this! First off, it's an honor to be the first guest on this new segment of the podcast and second, I loved speaking geek with one of my favorite people. It was a lot of fun to got back to my childhood and think of all the great times I had.  It was a great decade!  So if you want to hear what I was like and what interested me as a kid, here's your chance!

Welcome to the very first episode of a brand new regular feature on BTTE! Every week, Glenn will whisk someone off in the nostalgia TARDIS, and ask them about some of their favourite things about the 1980s were, what gives them all warm fuzzy feelings when they remember! The very first guest is someone we all know and love - Nicole, aka Hailstorm! Many thanks to Nicole for being so great and lovely!

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