Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy New Year...Again

Man! I remember those good ol' days when I used to blog almost every other day and now I’m lucky if I do it once a month. I wish I could say that my months are filled with fun and excitement, but mostly my life is boring and full of routines. But that’s all going to change…hopefully.

Yes, it’s New Year’s again! With that statement you probably think I’ve lost it, but oh contraire…it’s the start of the Chinese New Year and the time of year when I make my resolutions. It gives me a few more weeks of preping myself. I’m doing the same thing as most and starting a diet/health plan that my doctor has put me on. I hope this one finally works. I need to look somewhat good when I head to San Diego in May. My other resolution is to get on a decent sleep schedule. Right now my body is so wacked out from sleep deprivation; I honestly think that one reason why I’m overweight and depressed a lot. NO MORE! It starts tonight, at least I hope so.

And I could leave y’all with the mention of Chinese New Year and not give you what this year means, me being the Astrology geek that I am.

February 14 marks the start of the Chinese New Year, the year of the metal. What significance does the tiger have for the fate of the New Year? Headstrong, dangerous, and at times rash, the tiger endows a year with uncertainty and danger, according to the Chinese zodiac.

Consisting of 12 animal signs (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig), and five elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth), each combination occurs every 60 years. The last year of the metal tiger, February 1950 to February 1951, was tumultuous. The Korean War began, Senator Joseph McCarthy started his “witch-hunt” for communists, and US president Truman ordered the construction of the hydrogen bomb. According to Chinese mythology, metal does not go well with the tiger. In other words, 2010 will not be a quiet or peaceful year.

Due to the tumultuous nature of tiger years, success is said to only be obtainable if you act quickly and are proactive in life. Throughout the history, tiger years are associated with turmoil, political and social instability. That is why 2010 is expected to be a challenging year. Another reason for this is a metal element, which is not a very compatible element for the tiger, say Chinese astrologists. Tiger prefers wood and fire. This year is expected to be a tough year and parents who believe in Chinese astrology should observe caution.The Year of the Metal Tiger is expected to be relatively more unsettled and challenging compared with 2009.

The country (USA) will also experience a relatively modest economic growth compared with the Earth Ox in 2009 where it recorded a negative economic growth. Year 2010 is a Metal Tiger or Metal over Wood and since metal attacks wood it indicates it is a turbulent or unsettled year for our country and the world at large. In particular, there will be an increase in social unrest, more political uncertainties and turbulence, and natural disasters.

Overall, sectors or industries represented by the elements of Metal and Wood will experience healthier growth than other industries. Industries represented by Fire and Earth will experience a modest growth while those related to the Water element are likely to experience slower or below average GDP growth for the Metal Tiger Year compared with last year.On the local stock market front, it will be range-bound but on an upward bias, particularly in the first half of the year, with a tendency to consolidate in the second half of 2010.

Although predictions for 2010, based on the Chinese horoscopes, vary, the underlying message of Chinese New Year is one of peace and happiness for everyone.

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