Monday, March 30, 2009

Vampire Wars

There’s a reason why I no longer have any game consoles and that’s because I used to be a game addicted. I missed college classes, any type of socializing and not to mention many hours of sleep. While I’m at work and when there are some down times I like to play some games to pass the time. Well, I have found the game “Vampire Wars” on Facebook and it’s starting to come to the point of the console days of college. Yesterday I actually had some time to myself. I spent the whole time playing this dumb game along with going to bed two hours later than usual. Bejeweled is bad enough, but now I have this to drain my brain with. ARGHHH! Why do I have to be so competitive?!

BTW – if you are on Facebook come and join my clan :-P

1 comment:

orangemily said...

You are competetive!
I love games too, but have to skip most of them because I get addicted (not because Im competetive).