Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy! - Happy Chinese New Year

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

If you messed up your New Year's resolutions, here your 2nd chance to start over again.

Just for thought, here is what is being said to look for in the year to come:

The first day of the year of Earth Ox is with the solar eclipse, January 26, 2009, indicating a decisive ending and new start in the world. The Chinese astrological conditions on that day and hour show that the element Metal rules the year and that Metal is extremely weak. The chart style, called Proper Authority, points to questions of authority. Weak Metal means weak boundaries, weak resistance. People, nations, institutions and businesses in trouble, or under siege, will have a bad time holding up. World health is poor. War brings starvation. Tyrannical and criminal elements are rampant. The element of Authority is also very strong. Confrontations between forces in opposition are likely. Danger in the world lies in the destructive use of power. Corruption in governments and businesses are going to be exposed. Arrogant people in positions of authority will be attacked. Plenty of rules and regulations are coming down. There will be important reforms made. The year favors those in civil service, government and legal fields. Proper Authority can turn its attention to the problems of feeding the world and to education. Humanitarian and environmental areas are stressed. Authority is best expressed when giving positive attention to earth and common life. Benign characters in positions of authority may see their luck increasing. Western powers are weak. In the US, the western states are weak. There will be fires and floods. On a more positive note, we can anticipate new discoveries and breakthroughs in medical and scientific fields.

Earth Ox is 25th in the 60 year cycle of Chinese years. In the I Ching the astrological signs for the new year give us the 4th line of the hexagram of Opposition. It says, "Isolated through opposition, one meets a like-minded man with whom one can associate in good faith. Despite the danger, no blame." The hexagram shows key elements opposing not cooperating with one another. It suggests group split in two by dispute. There is nothing more to do but pay attention to details and not enter the fight. In time productive alliances will be made.

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